8-week StockS & optionS 


a full, comprehensive, live class

taught by PROS.

Here's what you'll learn in the NVST Academy Masterclass :
  • ​Learn Chart Patterns and Technical Analysis
  • ​Know when to take profits & set stop-losses
  • Develop a trading strategy that works for YOU
  • ​Learn how to read a company's fundamentals
  • ​Know when a stock is overvalued / undervalued
  • ​Learn Options Strategies to win in any market
  • ​Learn proper Risk Management techniques 
  • ​Get all the tools & resources to find the next hot stocks & sectors

why a masterclass?

Learning how to effectively trade stocks & options can be a daunting task. There's so much information one needs to learn and an infinite amount of sources online to get it from. The whole process can be overwhelming trying to piece it all together. 

We've simplified it down to an 8-week program that will take ANY student from absolute beginner to full trader by the end of the course. 

This masterclass program is jam-packed with easy-to-understand information and taught by a team that will hold your hand through the entire learning process

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  • Weekly live class 
  • Course catalog
  • Community access
  • ​Live trade alerts via text and discord


  • Classes 2x a week 
  • Course catalog
  • Community access
  • ​Live trade alerts via text and discord
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